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You're Beautiful (Korean Drama)

YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL (미남이시네요) SBS 2009 

Synopsis :

The management company of the idol group A.N.JELL insisted on adding a new singer to the group as the lead vocal, Tae Kyung's voice was hurting. However,the new member, Mi Nam, had to go to the States to repair a botched eye job just before signing the contract. His agent came up with the idea of having his twin sister, Mi Nyu,to stand in for him and pretend that she was her brother. The two of them grew up in an orphanage and Mi Nyu, who was all set to become a nun, agreed to this charade as she didn't want to spoil her brother's chance of fame which would make it easier to look for their mother.

Source : Wikipedia

Cast : 

Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung

You're Beautiful Official Wallpaper- Hwang Tae Kyung

Member of the most famous Korean pop group A.N.JELL. He has genius skill in music composition and performing piano. Accordingly, his popularity is on top position in Korea.
His father, Hwang Kyung Sae, is world class music conductor. So, he is a member of noble royal family in music. There are a lot of curiosity about his real mother, but Hwang family consistently say no comments about that.
Hwang Tae Kyung looks perfect in appearance, but, he is full of defect to live in real life.  He has stomach inflammation, excessive concerns of cleanliness, night blindness, sleeplessness, sleepwalking , and various disease.
Moreover, He has many allergies, that means, if somebody want, he could be put Tae Kyung in big trouble by using only one food.
Tae Kyung has great stubbornness. He think himself a great person. he is a man of tired type to stay with. Even  he looks perfect man in appearance, but if we know his inside, he has poor wounded spirit. But, it makes us too nervous that we feel pity for his poor soul.

Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyeo (Female)

Go Mi Nam(male) and Go Mi Nyu (female) are twin, brother and sister, they grew up together in orphanage attached to a nunnery.

Though, the older brother was chosen as member of idol group, as he couldn’t do daily activities, the younger sister took his role, as a memeber of idol group, using her brother’s name, Go Mi Nam.

Bu, Go Mi Nam, who has to live as a idol, is lack of sociality, flexibility, friendship. He is soft and pure as he lived long time staying far from real world. To say another word, in realistic, timid and a little stupid! Even, he cannot catch the sign that some other people ignore him.

His special ability is unawareness in front, mumbling himself afterwards. Look back the situation while feel sorry. Worry some bad things even before something happen. A little bit character of bothering somebody else.

Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo

He has soft and handsome face like his name. but, it is only image, his reality is that he feel nothing about anything. He looks like smile to anybody, but , really, he never smile to anybody. A prince who has no heart. If we say Tae Kyung is sensitive elementary boy, Shin Woo is old man who already spent his life.

If we say Tae Kyung has sensitiveness as an artist, then Shin Woo has keenness as a businessman. He is a man of ambition who dreams entertain business rather than become an artist.

Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy

He is a healthy and bright, well grown young man. He is a Korean resident in England and his father is English noble man. His father is world class photographer and his mother is a famous model. As he is optimistic and he is in the middle of member to equalize and balance other group members.

His smile is very pretty and lovely, so, even he say same stupid thing, his smile covers everything.

He has lived thinking there are only deep friendship between boys and only love between boy and girl. But his brain became mixed up as the existence of Mi Nam who is a girl as well as a boy.

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Extended cast :

- Kang Soo Han as young Tae Kyung

- Uee as Yoo He Yi

- Bae Geu Rin as Sa Yu Ri (Fan club president)

- Kim In Kwon as Ma Hoon Yi (Mi Nam's manager)

- Jang Won Young as Mr Kim (photographer, Nara Daily News)

- Choi Ran as Choi Mi Ja (Mi Nam & Mi Nyu's aunt)

- Kim Sung Ryung as Mo Hwa Ran

- Jung Chan as President Ahn

- Choi Soo Eun as Wang Kko Di- Tae Hwang as staff

- Kim Ho Chang as dancer

Cameos :

- Lee Joo Yeon as Before School member (cameo)

- Yoo So Young as Before School member (cameo)

- Yoo Seung Ho (cameo, ep9)

Source : Wikipedia 


You're Beautiful OST 1 :

01. Still / As Ever – Lee Hong Ki

02. Descend from the Sky – Miss $ ft. Oh Won Bin

03. Without Saying – 9th Street

04. Lovely Day – Park Shin Hye

05. Promise – Lee Hong Ki ft. Jung Hwa Young

06. My Heart’s Calling – Kim Dong Wook

07. Without Saying – Park Shin Hye

08. Still / As Ever – A.N.JELL

09. Promise – A.N.JELL

10. Without Saying (Piano ver.) – Various Artists

11. Still / As Ever (Bossa ver.) – Various Artists

You're Beautiful OST 2 :

korean drama youre beautiful ost Korean Drama OST: Youre Beautiful OST

01. Song For A Fool - Park Sang Woo

02. Without Words - Jang Geun Suk

03. What Should I Do - Park Da Ye

04. Good Bye - Jang Geun Suk

05. Lovely Day (Acoustic Ver.) - Park Shin Hye

06. What Should I Do (Inst.)

07. Good Bye (Inst.)

08. Song For A Fool (Inst.)

Awards :

- 2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Award (Jang Geun Suk)

- 2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (Jang Geun Suk)

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