Friday, 23 December 2011

Super Junior Siblings


1. Leeteuk and his older sister Park In Young



2. Heechul and his older sister Kim Heejin



3. Hankyung (Only child)

4. Yesung and his younger brother Kim Jongjin



5. Kangin (Only Child)

6. Shindong and his younger sister Ahn Da Young

7. Lee Sungmin and his younger brother Lee Sungjin



8. Eunhyuk and his older sister Lee Sora




9. Zhoumi (Only child)

10. Donghae and his older brother Lee Donghwa


Lee Donghwa with Kyuhyun

11.  Choi Siwon and his younger sister Choi Jiwon



12. Kim Ryeowook (Only child)

13. Kim Kibum and his younger sister Kim Saehee



14. Cho Kyuhyun and his older sister Cho Ahra



15. Henry and his older brother Clinton Lau and his younger sister Whitney Lau


Don't be silent readers, okay ? :)


  1. Donghae and his brother are identical! In the picture of kyuhyun with Donghwan i thought he was Donghae!OMG! thanks for the pics :D

    1. Cheonma :), Donghwa looks like Kyuhyun's twin brother, kekekeke

  2. the donghwa pic with khuyun is sooo 100% dif from the others "the others are like soo OMG HAWT! HANDSOME! XDD "
    donghwa looks so manly hawt while donghae is soo cutee childish like <33 love both haha! <3 !

  3. Donghwa looks 50% like Kyuhyun and 50% Donghae... :D so identical. kyuhwahae

  4. That is not donghwa, the pic with kyu is some random guy who looks 50% donghae and 50% kyu. And other pictures is a model from China, his name is Donghwa/Donghwai/Donghai i forgot. You can go to donghae's ig and see his fllwrs, donghwa is there.