Saturday, 3 December 2011

F(x) Members Profile


Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Sulli, Luna


Stage Name : Victoria (빅토리아)

Birth Name : Song Qian (宋茜)

Date of birth : February 2, 1987

Place of birth : Qingdao, Shangdong, China

Nationality : Chinese

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Blood Type : A

Position : Leader, Vocalist, Main Dancer

Occupations : Singer, dancer, model, actress

Associated acts : SM Town, F(x)

Specialty/Hobby : Traditional Dance, Jazz Dance, Korean

AMBER (엠버)

Stage Name : Amber (엠버)

Birth Name : Amber Josephine Liu

Chinese Name : Liu Yi Yun(劉逸雲)

Date of birth : September 18, 1992

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California

Nationality : Taiwanese - American

Height : 167 cm 

Weight : 45 kg

Blood Type : B

Religion : Christian

Position : Main Rapper, Vocalist

Occupations : Singer, rapper, dancer

Associated acts : SM Town, F(x)

Specialty/Hobby : Dance, Rap

LUNA (루나)

Stage Name : Luna (루나)

Birth Name : Park Sun Young (박선영)

Chinese Name : Shan Lian (善怜)

Date of birth : August 12, 1993

Place of birth : Seoul

Nationality : Korean

Height : 162 cm 

Weight : 44 kg

Blood Type : A

Position : Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Occupations : Singer, dancer

Associated acts : SM Town, F(x)

Siblings : twin sister, brother

Specialty/Hobby : Singing, Chinese, Dance

SULLI (설리)

Stage Name : Sulli (설리)

Birth Name : Choi Jin Ri (최진리)

Nickname(s) : Ssul, Giant Baby, One Million Dollar Smile, Sulli is the truth, Sullovely, Sulliver

Chinese Name : Xue Li (雪莉)

Date of birth : March 29, 1994

Place of birth : Yangsan, South Gyeongsang

Nationality : Korean

Height : 169 cm 

Weight : 41 kg

Blood Type : O

Position : Vocalist, Rapper, Visual/Image of the group

Occupations : actress, dancer, singer, rapper,model, MC

Associated acts : SM Town, F(x)

Siblings : Older brother

Specialty/Hobby : Acting, Dance

KRYSTAL (크리스탈)

Stage Name : Krystal Jung (크리스탈 정)

Birth Name : Jung Soo Jung (정수정)

Chinese Name : Xiu Jing (秀晶)

Date of birth : October 24, 1994

Place of birth : San Francisco, California,

Height : 165 cm 

Weight : 40 kg

Blood Type : A

Position : Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Occupations : Singer, dancer, actress, model

Associated acts : SM Town, F(x)

Siblings : older sister (Jessica SNSD)

Specialty/Hobby : Acting, Dance


  1. Sulli's profile needs to be updated. xD She's 170cm, and probably not 41kg if she's called giant baby... LOL

    1. actually it's 169cm

    2. Actually, it's 169.9cm.

  2. which one is the younger sister of one of the members of snsd?

    1. Krystal is SNSD Jessica's little sister

  3. Their weight. I was like OMG!! Do they even eat? Hahahaha!

  4. i love there weight.....hahaha

  5. some if this data isnt correct. how can victoria be 168 cm while sulli is 167 since sulli is the tallest member of their group.

  6. Their weight is like so light

  7. Amber has an older sister..

  8. this needs update. this was in 2011, now is may 2014. all of the members have grew up and certainly this isn't accurate anymore