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Super Junior's UFO Replies




ELF : Uncle Teuk!!! You’re about that age i should call you uncle!
Leeteuk : Why me!!! I’m OPPA!!!!

ELF : Did you read my letter?
Leeteuk : Of course
ELF : I didn’t send you one

ELF : Can I ask you for the directions? The road to Oppa's heart?
Leeteuk : Turn on the navigation and come here keke ~

ELF : Oppa, my nights and days are mixed up. What should I do ?!
Leeteuk : Enjoy it kekeke~

ELF : What does E.L.F mean to Leeteuk?
Leeteuk : Can't express it in words

ELF : Teuk oppa, I am finally with the person I like ^^
Leeteuk: Have you eaten?

ELF : Oppa, you are my president
Leeteuk : Young girls' president

ELF : Leeteuk & Eunhyuk, Korean is difficult! Can you speak chinese in KISS THE RADIO?
Leeteuk : I want to be fluent in chinese n_n

ELF : Oppa, I’m sleepy, are you asleep? Goodnight
Leeteuk : Aigoo ㅠFast asleep hehe

ELF : Angel Teuk-gege, you must take good care of yourself, I will be waiting for your comeback! Love you~
Leeteuk : Wait ah~^^



ELF : I’m a big-ear ELF
Heechul : Till the day all ELF become donkeys

ELF : Oppa ~ where did you get your fashion sense from?
Heechul : The most stylist one. HEEBUM!

ELF : Oppas, because of Super Junior’s concert, I am now pulling an all-nighter. Because its so cold from the rain.
Heechul : Really exhausting…!!

ELF : Heechul oppa… I didn’t get the tickets… what to do… does this mean I won’t see Heechul oppa anymore?
Heechul : How come you’re not trying harder?

ELF : My boyfriend is handsome? (Attached Ryeowook’s photo)
Heechul : Your boyfriend photo is viewed thousands of time online.

ELF : SJ Come here, going crazy thinking of you all do you miss me?
Heechul : ‘relax comedown let’s go’

ELF : Oppa, because of Oppa, I am so fortunate and blissful ~Thank you
Heechul : I am also fortunate because of petals

ELF: Guess what is my future dream? I want to marry Oppa!! Can?
Heechul: You have very big dream…kyakyakyakya

ELF: I miss Oppa a lot, so much that I can see the photo as Oppa (inserted an ugly comical face)
Heechul: Wanna be punished?

ELF: SJ Oppas are all very handsome ~So don’t get jealous! Aish~! Its cold don’t get a cold because of your schedule…
Heechul: Who’s jealous…



ELF : Hankyung!~>-< come play sand with me~I'm going to get a shovel~wait for me~
Hankyung : How old are you?

ELF : Kyung ah kyung ah you meanie, please let Heechul marry me~
Hankyung : You have to discuss with him

ELF : Hankyung. I had a bet with my friend on the phone just now. If you dont reply, I can’t eat dinner.
Hankyung : I’m replying. Don’t neglate yourself

ELF : Calling for Hankyung. Calling for Hangkyung. Your body shape is so good. What did you do?
Hankyung: Ask my mom

ELF : Hi Hankyung. I like you and i think you are a great person. jiayou! I will continue to support you.You must be careful, the acting career is very dangerous.
Hankyung: I just need to be myself. No matter what they do I’m still myself.

ELF: Hangkyung, why did u reply the others except mine? I hate you. roll on the floor.
Hankyung: get up. the floor is dirty. listen to me!

ELF: Hangkyung Oppa. I dreamt of you many time already. I can’t wait for your to appear in my dream naked
Hankyung : Such a bad habit…

ELF: Hankyung. you must stay healthy, I sent you enough you dont have to reply
Hangkyung: I replied

ELF : Geng, today CCTV3 broadcasted the Bird’s Nest Concert (*) , [you were] really too handsome. It’s so great to have you [in the concert]! Geng~ Geng~ Geng~ Geng~~~~
Hankyung : I'm a little not used to performing there, it’s too big.

ELF : CCTV just finished airing the Bird’s Nest Concert (*), so handsome, so handsome , there was a lot of screentime for you, us girls are so happy hohohoho.
Hankyung : As long as the performance is successful, the amount of screentime is not important haha.



ELF : Lee Donghae oppa why are you so cool like that !! ㅠ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Yesung : I’m even cooler than that..

ELF : I'm so beautiful & sexy & sweet & cool, whose daughter I am?
Yesung : Your parents

ELF : Oppa, do u want to eat rice ?
Yesung : How can you live if you don't eat ?

ELF : SJ is 1 Leeteuk 2 HeeChul 3 Yesung.....13 KyuHyun, so who is 14th member?
Yesung : Ghost

ELF : Oppa, who am i ?
Yesung : Human

ELF : Oppa, who is next to you now ?
Yesung : I wish it was a ghost

ELF : Yesung, there’s this girl at my school who looks exactly like you!
Yesung : She must be really hot!‌

ELF : Hey oppa ~ Do you not want to see me?
Yesung : I don’t know you

ELF : Oppa, i'm home alone now, i'm so scared
Yesung : Don't look at the pictures on the wall, there might be a ghost there

ELF : Today is my birthday, can oppa say happy bday to me, if you dont i'll be angry
Yesung : Then be angry



ELF : I want to see KangTeuk’s 2nd generation (baby)
Kangin : Wait.

ELF : Do you like me?
Kangin : Oh wow.

ELF : Complete me. Stay with me.
Kangin : Are you crazy? stay with you?

ELF : What do oppa eat for lunch?
Kangin : What if i said Leeteuk oppa? will i get scolded?

ELF: SUPER JUNIOR are foolish
Kangin: BWO?

ELF : Kangin-oppa! Are your fats the result of your drinking habits? Stop drinking!
Kangin : Can’t you tell that I’ve lost weight?

ELF : Teuk oppa please say: “Hongje-dong’s cat is Yeonshinnae’s beauty” in KTR
Kangin : Understood~ Leeteuk is mine~

ELF : Youngwoon Oppa, what’s your phone nr? kekeke
ANGIN : 010 13 13 13 13! And please, no prank calls! ~

ELF : If someone says something, we’ll protect you!
KANGIN : It’s a shame you to protect US! SUPER JUNIOR protects ELF!

ELF : Congratulations to Kangin for being the most popular in UFO, there is a special prize of $1000, for instructions to collect the prize, please reply.
Kangin : Reply!


ELF : ♥ Shindong ♥ If you dont reply…will you give me a hug *_* (I love 13 members)
Shindong : Uhm……….I will hug you…

ELF : Oppas hwaiting! I love you all! Oppas are too handsome! Shindong oppa is the most handsome!
Shindong : Thank you very much!! I will continue working hard <3

ELF : Dear. Why I like you? Because you are Super Junior! Have a good dream.
Shindong : Sleep well ~zZ)

ELF : Dear SJ, what are you doing now? ...You're thinking of me, right? Hahaha
Shindong : Today's task!! Starting at 12.05 Shindong and Kim Shin Young's Shin Shim Ta Pa~!! Listen before you sleep ok ^0^

ELF : Gege(s) usually read fanfictions about who?
Shindong : About KangTeuk child-bearing, Eunhyuk’s recommendation.

ELF : Must sleep early tonight, good night oppas! (*w*)
Shindong : Can't sleep ~^^

ELF: Now that NEW HEART(drama serial) has ended~ Only watch KTR!!
Shindong: Single papa in love is more interesting..

ELF: Really love oppas >_<
Shindong: I love you all too~



ELF : Ah!! Oppa ~ oppa will you appear in the UFO battle tomorrow?
Sungmin : I’m from another planet ~ need to go back in the UFO to go back to my planet.

ELF : Never give up until we die. Gege-men, let us work hard together, exams are coming soon, so nervous, gege-men must cheer for me!
Sungmin : Hwaiting!!

ELF : SungMin Oppa,I miss U~Do U miss me? If your answer is”YES”,I will give good food to U~ Say “Yes”to me!!!
Sungmin : yes

ELF : Kangteuk is real right??
Sungmin : Yes, they are T.T I like kangmin better T.T

ELF : Something smells like fish and it reminds me of Donghae!
Sungmin : But what about me…

ELF : Sungmin oppa(,) do you have the face of a kid for a million years?
Sungmin : No, (I) want to be slightly more mature~^^

ELF : Are you going to KTR tonight together with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook?
Sungmin : Think so~^^

ELF : Should I lose weight/ go on diet before meeting/seeing Oppa?!? Ah so hungry ㅜㅜ
Sungmin : Then do it…! Will you really lose (weight)?

ELF : I really like KyuLee couple a lot ~ ♥
Sungmin :…. hahaha but Kyuhyun says he doesn’t (like it)..

ELF : Oppa woke up an hour ago~ ㅋ I saw you on your twitter
Sungmin : Yes, I’m really very sleepy~ Will take the break at recording later to rest w hlie….Ah!! Is 4Minutes!!!!!


ELF : Mimi my little sun, a human’s heart has its own freedom, Sushow 3 concert in Taipei(,) I want to give you the most beautiful stage, I want you to be able to stand on the stage and with a glance(,) be able to fully see 8000 love banners for you. I hope that this small thing can bring you happiness~
Zhoumi : I really look forward to meeting with the Taiwan fans, I’ve been working hard to prepare lately, I hope that by then(,) you’ll be able to enjoy

ELF : Zhoumi gege happy new year! You have to work hard!!!At the later part of the year(,) I will come to Korea, I hope that we’ll have a chance to meet hahaha
Zhoumi : Thank you , jiayou!

ELF : Zhoumi Don’t be sad, we always with you. we love you ^^
Zhoumi : Thank u

ELF : Zhoumi,Thank you for always using weibo to communicate with us, but if the rumors have been giving you a hard time, we will respect all your decision! (we) only want you to be happy!
Zhoumi : Thank yo,(my) weibo has been temporarily closed, I actually don’t wish to, but too much explanation will only bring more arguments. During this period of time(,) I will focus on preparing, looking forward to meeting (all of you) again!

ELF : Zhoumi(,) I hope that you will be happy(,) hope that you will have confidence(,) hope that you have the strength(,) hope that you can be yourself(…) I miss you…..
Zhoumi : We will be able to meet soon, thank you for the care and understanding…

ELF : Happy birthday! Our cute baby MiMi~ have you died from all the sweetness yet? ^^ Remember to eat the longevity noodles~ We will always be behind you! If you’re still Zhou Mi in your next life, we’ll still be your Honeys!!
Zhoumi : Hehe I’ve been sweetened to death by everyone’s birthday wishes, thank you

ELF : Zhou Mi Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance~You can enjoy Christmas with Mitangs at Guangzhou’s SS haha~It’s a pity that I have to take my MBA (so) I can’t go out lately~But I’ll continue working hard in the future~Let’s work hard together
Zhoumi: I noticed that you’ve been busy lately from your messages! Jiayou*~

ELF : Mimi’s pureness, in my world, is really difficult to obtain and precious, I like your perception of your ownself right now, please don’t change yourself, although I get a heartattack because of you tugging at my heartstrings, but please be yourself, I love you this way ♥♥
Zhoumi : I will^^ You have to be happy too~

ELF : Wishing (that you’ll): have big eyes~ get taller~ smile brighter~… gentleman mimi whose legs are very very very long~ happy birthdaydayday…
Zhoumi : Gentleman mimi whose legs are very very very long~ I really like this sentence, hahahahaha thank you

ELF : Mi darling, ahahahah, it’s finally (your) birthday, haapy birthday, did you eat cake, do you miss us, we miss you so much, have to take care of yourself ok? We love you, jiayou
Zhoumi: Thanks, all of you are the best present to me.



ELF : Marry I was so cuteeee I will bite you!
Eunhyuk : You bite me?? I'm not doing marry u anymore.

ELF : I’ve seen oppa many times, but Jung Woo Sung is too suave, he. I’m in a dilemma He
Eunhyuk : Say me!! If I’m not handsome I’ll hold it in!>

ELF : Donghae oppa!!!! Seriously!!!! You'll marry!!!!!! With ELF!!!!!!!

ELF : Oppa, don't go anyway. Don't be changed
Eunhyuk : So.. I can't go to the rest room? T T

ELF : Oppa are human, right?? Why so handsome like this!!
Eunhyuk : I’m not human~ I’m jewelry kekeke ~

ELF : I like Kangteuk the best!
Eunhyuk : What about eunhae -_-

ELF : Donghae oppa!!!!! You will really marry ELF right!!!!!!????
Eunhyuk : I told you, I object to that marriage!

ELF : Has anyone been bothering you? Because I’ll take him and teach him a lesson.
Eunhyuk : Take Teuki hyung! He always picks on me TT
ELF : Alright, I’ll teach Teuk oppa a lesson lol
Eunhyuk : He’s old enough to be considered a senior citizen yet he always picks on me! TT

ELF : He, I know Oppa’s a jewel~ kya ha ^.^ Even if I take a plane and fly off, I’d also want to go to a place where I can see Oppa’s shine, he. Jewel, jjang!
Eunhyuk : Bong~ I’m gonna hit you!

ELF : Hyo Jae Hyo Jae Hyo Jae ~ I love you~ I need you… What’s next… Ah, what to do? Oppa’s lyrics are a little.. hu..ㅜ *lyrics to ‘Sunny’
Eunhyuk : ELF ya, look at us~ I want to become ELF’s jewel, he he


ELF : I can’t sleep because of these mosquitoes! Teach them a lesson!
Donghae : Send me their names and address!! I”ll teach them a lesson!

ELF : Why doesn’t siwon oppa reply everytime?
Donghae : Busy praying…

ELF : Lee Hyukjae you’re mine~
Donghae : Mine! >:(

ELF : Donghae oppa I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I really really love you ♥
Donghae : I love you too ^^

ELF : I really really really really want to see you a lot a lot a lot ㅜㅜ
Donghae : Me too me too I really really want to see you a lot too ^^

ELF :I didn't watch Infinite Challenge to watch oppa in Sponge, did DongHae oppa receive help from God today, oppa answered so well !!
Donghae : Must thank all of you, Suju is steady because of ELF ^^ Feel like eating ramen (instant noodle)

ELF : Oppas have gone to bed, have u entered dreamland yet ?
Donghae : I'm preparing to enter the dreamland now ^^ so see you in my dreams ?

ELF : Which oppa havent sleep yet so plz raise ur hand
Donghae : Me me me ^^ Have a good dream and good night

ELF : Must go to bed ! Today must be healthy ^^
Donghae : Today is so cold, isn't it ? Must be careful not to catch a cold ^^ Good night ^^ Let meet Suju in your dream ~

ELF : Donghae my dear husband ~ <3 You’re waiting for the warm spring too, right? The flowers will bloom and the sun will be warm too and I’ll think only of you Wishing you luck Donghae ^^
Donghae : We’ll be happy for a long long time ^^ Forever!!



ELF : Oppas, ELFs are now promoting the 3rd album, at music bank place holding sapphire blue balloons and promoting cards
Siwon : You all are very busy..always…feeling sorry…I love you all ELF

ELF : Oppa you like me?! Yeah~ I know you do kkk You like me right?
Siwon : The problem is I like you too much ^_^

ELF : BONAMANA~ Beauty ah*! The 4th CB sell number 1! (china ELF) SJ~fighting
Siwon : T
hanks to everyone, Oh my lady!’s airing has sucessfully ended, (I) feel regretful (,) let’s just continue to pay attention to Bonamana then. ^^

ELF : Oppa you should marry me !! You got it ?
Siwon : ^-^ eung (* “eung” is a cute way of saying ok)

ELF : Oppa…!!!! Do you like me, rite ?!
Siwon : Yeah ^-^ I like you very very much ^-^


ELF : Do you think Mun Geungyoung is prettier than ELFs?
Ryeowook : …Are you kidding me

ELF : Ryeowook gege, I like you very much because (I think) you are very cute…It’s the first time I’m sending this so gege. Please reply me! I’ll be very happy (if you do)…Anticipate (your
Ryeowook : I’m about to go crazy from missing China fans.

ELF : I didn’t sleep so I can see Oppas… So cold ah
Ryeowook : ^^ Quickly sleep ~~!

ELF : Oppa ah I love you!
Ryeowook : I love you ~!!!

ELF : Because of waiting for Oppas, very cold TT
Ryeowook : Quickly go sleep ! ! ! Make me angry

ELF : Tell me you like 94birthyear people best!!!!!!! If you do come here
Ryeowook : ^^ Going!

ELF : Ryeowook-oppa, if I go Korea for a vacation this holiday, could you be my tourguide? Haha~
Ryeowook : Come to Korea~~~ ^^ I will treat you meals~~~~ Treat you ^^

ELF : Ryeowook oppa, have you been building your muscles recently? Ah…Ryeowook oppa please dont build your muscle ㅠㅠ
Ryeowook : ㅋㅋㅋ Beastly guy Ryeowook

ELF : Oppa, studying is so tiring! Ryeowook-oppa, I love you! I’m going to faint of over-
Ryeowook : ㅜㅜ I love you~~~!!! Don’t be sad~~~~

ELF : Yah, Cho Kyuhyun (oppa) there was Yewook pop up this time, dont you know it? Will you let your man (Ryeowook Kim) be taken away like that!?
Ryeowook : ^^ There was Yewook pop up……wah ㅋㅋ



ELF: What type of girls does Siwon Gege like?
Siwon: Kind-hearted.
Kibum: Christians can’t tell lies, right?
Siwon: …… Beautiful, hot body.



ELF : Oppa is stupid
KyuHyun : Compared to you i’m a genius!

ELF : Oppa, I want some hot rice cakes
Kyuhyun : Why don’t you go get some?
ELF : I don’t know where to get them TT buy me some!
Kyuhyun : Actually no, you’ll get fat

ELF: Yesung Oppa~! Your sexy voice is the best! I was meltinng when I heard your voice~
Kyuhyun: LIAR!If you're melting, you'd be dead now!

ELF: Marry me
Kyuhyun: When Sungmin allows

ELF : So I pray for you, so I promise you. I love you my love, forever like this~ (Part of 'So I')
Kyuhyun : Too much English

ELF : I’m at my science class. Are you good at science?
Kyuhyun : I was called Chem Kyu and Physics Kyu

ELF : Say that you accept love, say say
Kyuhyun : Say

ELF : Waiter(Kyuhyun’s nick name) is silly
Kyuhyun : You are the silly one haha

ELF : Kyuhyun step up more and show us your charm
Kyuhyun : Hyungs don’t allow

ELF : You are mine
Kyuhyun : I am mine



ELF : Henry gege is there any boy in this world who's cuter than you?
Henry : Nope! haha just kidding... There should be hahah

ELF : Henry, the concert was very successful! but Valentine's Day already passed, don't know if our little cutie's found a GF?
Henry : Don't have a girlfriend... You help me find one... Can you?

ELF : Henry I need to save money now so I can't send you fly anymore
Henry : This is good! don't send fly anymore... It's really expensive! You guys should save lots of money ok? OK? OK?

ELF : Henry ge! what are you doing recently? working hard? you have to take care of yourself!
Henry : I'm really good recently! I came back to Canada..!!

ELF : Henry the Shanghai fanmeeting was very successful, you must be very happy… The next time you go to Shanghai I will go again. You have to see me!
Henry : Smile I heard you all wanted me to play “Tears” so in Shanghai I played “Tears” especially for all my Strings.

ELF : I really want to go home. Do you want to go home? Can you chat with me? That way your Chinese can improve too. I want to write a letter to you…
Henry : Where is your home? I’m already back in Canada… You can’t be unhappy… But I know you by yourself is very lonely…

ELF : Henry, at the last two fanmeetings I was always in the first row, the one holding the Donghae light was me. Next time I will make one for you. Look forward to it. -0-
Henry : Hehe thank you… I really wish I can see you…

ELF : Henry gege, I really like you. I really want your autograph. Can I write you a letter? You have to jiayou!
Henry : You will definitely have the chance. SmileSmile next time… if you can meet me… I will definitely give you an autograph. Smile Okay?

ELF : Henry ge, this is the 3rd time I'm proposing to you. Can I marry you?! I will always love you.
Henry : You want to marry off... :) :) Do you know how to cook?

ELF : Henry, if I find a four-leaf clover, I'll definitely give it to you, and wish you eternal happiness, I love you.
Henry : Hehhe :):)


  1. Thanks!!! I spent a really funny time reading all this posts! hahha I love my SuJus so much >u< buuuu I want to read more about Kibum's replies! anyway jiji thank you!

    1. About Kibum's replies.. It's really hard to get it.. but i've tried my best, you're really welcome :)

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